Choosing Plastics and Veneers over wooden kitchen worktops

A choice that will make the difference

There is no getting away from it, wooden kitchen worktops look fantastic.

However, though there are still people who tend to favour real wood, most people recognise that wood effect Formica counter tops are a far more practical solution than traditional solid wood worktops.

Formica countertops, as well as the other branded kitchen counters that we supply, provide the aesthetic appeal of wooden kitchen worktops but with the resilience and added practicality of hard wearing plastic.

All of the benefits, with none of the downside.

Textured Formica counter tops

If you favour the effect of wooden kitchen worktops then textured Formica counter tops are the solution for you.

A premium brand of superior quality, Formica counter tops are available in gloss or with various textured effects. The textured finish will make it look, to all intents and purposes, as though you have solid wood counter tops in your kitchen.

Why wouldn’t you simply opt for solid wood counter tops, you may ask? Well, for the simple reason that even the best quality wooden kitchen worktops are more susceptible to damage than the veneer alternative, as well as being considerably more expensive.

At Plastics and Veneers we can supply any wood effect you desire, to any size and specification, with a full fabrication service. The resulting Formica counter tops will be wipe clean, hygienic, watertight and long lasting.

Get the effect of wooden kitchen worktops

When opting for solid wood worktops, certain woods are far more costly than others. This is not so when choosing wood effect.

Plastics and Veneers has a greater stock selection than any other UK supplier. Between the range of brands available we are able to manufacture almost any colour, texture or pattern of kitchen counter top available on the market today.

We hold a massive stock and we even have our own delivery fleet, so can offer unbelievable turnaround times on even the largest of orders.

We offer a full bespoke service on all countertops, meaning that we can tailor make whatever you need and our offering includes cutting capping and jointing.