Wall lining panels for bathrooms and wet rooms

A professional service and finish

Interior wall cladding is an excellent alternative to tiling when it comes to bathrooms and wet rooms. Attractive and easy to install, wall lining panels make a great addition to the shower environment and, through Plastics and Veneers, are available in a wide range of colours and finishes.

UPVC wall panels – specification and uses

All of the uPVC wall panels (also known as interior wall cladding) supplied by us at Plastics and Veneers are fully waterproof, making them ideal for use in wet environments.

They are most usually used inside showers, shower rooms and bathrooms, where they are quicker to install than tiling alternatives and every bit as striking.

We work with two brands of wall lining panels – Selkie and WetWall. All products from both manufacturers are made with a moisture resistant MDF core and bonded using waterproof glue line.

Wall lining panel manufacturers


Selkie Board waterproof shower panels offer an attractive and hard wearing alternative to bathroom tiling. Simple to install and requiring next to no maintenance, wall lining panels from Selkie are available in a range of 40 fabulous designs, from monochrome and minimal to bold and bright


Similarly, WetWall interior wall cladding panels are available in a range of designs and offer years of use for a minimal initial outlay, both in terms of price and effort of installation.

Your wall lining panels installed by Plastics and Veneers

Plastics and Veneers is able to provide a complete delivery, fabrication and fitting service on all of its products. If you require the installation of uPVC wall panels in a bathroom or wet room environment that can be easily arranged.

All interior wall cladding that we work with can be supplied complete with a range of trims and accessories that will add the perfect finish to a bathroom.

Plastics and Veneers has been in business since 1958 and is known as one of the largest, most reliable organisations of our kind in the UK.

Whatever you require in terms of wall lining panels, or indeed in terms of any plastic and laminate products, be assured that we are able to offer you the widest range at the best possible prices.