Internal fire doors by Plastics and Veneers

It’s all about your safety

Internal fire doors are an important safety feature for any public building, as well as some private residences.

At Plastics and Veneers we produce internal fire doors, as well as acoustic doors, for sound proof/quality purposes and anti radiation doors for X-ray purposes.

Our ability to produce this range of doors and our position as a leading fire door manufacturer is a direct result of the serviceable and high quality materials that we work with.

Do I need internal fire doors?

There is a lot of legislation around the requirement for and use of fire rated doors.

These laws are communicated via Building Regulations.

If you are building or renovating a property you should always check and seek expert advice on the relevant Building Regulations.

Particularly if you are carrying out works on a building that is open to the public, or a building of multiple occupancy you will be required to have fire doors.

In your private home you will definitely require a 60 minute safe fire door if you have a garage that attaches to the main house via a doorway or a loft conversion.

There are other scenarios where fire doors are required and building regulations should always be checked.

Architects and health and safety officers can also be sought for advice in these matters.

Types of fire rated doors

As fire door manufacturers we produce two grades of internal fire doors, to fit all purposes.

We are able to produce 44mm half hour resistant fire doors and 54mm one hour resistant internal fire doors, depending upon requirement.

Fire doors, primarily, need to be fire resistant for long enough to prevent the spread of fire and allow safe evacuation of a building.

In many cases 30 minute resistance is considered adequate for this purpose.

However, insurance companies are also concerned with the building’s ability to withstand fire post evacuation and where there is equipment to protect, as well as in other circumstances, 60 minute resistance is advised or needed.

Laminate or real wood veneer can be applied to fire door on request, as well as cut outs, glass, glazing beads, intumescent strips or any other additions required to ensure that your fire doors are serviceable as well as aesthetically pleasing.

We are fire door manufacturers we can also advise you on the best doors for your build, should you need us to.

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