Palopaque Hygienic Wall Lining

Palopaque Hygienic Wall Lining Acrylics

A flat UV-stabilized PVC sheet, with over 40 years of manufacturing experience that is reflected in its high quality. Easily formed and fabricated, Palopaque is ideal for a wide variety of application.

With its high chemical resistance, it is highly suitable for industrial application. Break through HYG technology adds active sanitation action for hospitals, clinics and laboratories.

Solid PVC

At Plastics and Veneers our Solid PVC is very well suited to fabrication, not only this but it also offers a high gloss surface with a great impact strength as well as a high chemical resistance.

This material complies with the most demanding international fire resistance standards. The rigid PVC sheet is self-extinguishing and is one of the best and highest quality products available.

Our palopaque hygienic wall lining range is available in white and a variety of other plain colours. For more details and samples of colours please give us a call and speak to one of our wall lining specialists.