Aluminium Composite Sheets

Aluminium Composite Sheets from Plastics & Veneers

Aluminium composite sheet has a polyethylene core sandwiched between two aluminium skins and is a rigid, lightweight product available in a wide range of colours and finishes. The smooth and extremely flat surface of aluminium composite readily accepts screen and digital print inks as well as vinyl lamination.

Coupled with dimensional stability, aluminium composite sheet is notable for its limited rate of expansion and contraction even under extremes of temperature. Subsequently, the product is equally suitable for outdoor as well as indoor applications.

Premium Quality ACM Sheet

Our Aluminium Composite Sheets are of the highest quality, they are suitable for flat application signage and display.

The key features of this Acrylics product include:

  • Three layer quality aluminium composite panel
  • All sheets have a removable protective film on both sides
  • Ideal for print
  • Ideal for fabrication
  • Low density polyethylene core sandwiched between a covered aluminium skin
  • Strength to weight ratio
  • Stay flat properties


Surebond is our own branded Aluminium Composite Sheet and is stocked in the traditional gloss/matte 0.18mm skin and a new, lightweight 0.3mm skin in a matte/matte finish.


Processing Techniques

Processing Techniques 3

Processing Techniques 1

Standard Colour Range

Along with these great features and benefits the sheets also come in a range of colours.

Standard Colour Range